Why Attend WordCamp Ottawa 2016?

You may be thinking of attending WordCamp Ottawa 2016 to learn about WordPress.

But let’s face it you can learn about WordPress just by reading.

So, why attend?


To start with because the WordPress experts speaking there will share lessons based on their experience—and you’ll be able to ask them questions, just as you’ll also be able to ask questions of the WordPress experts you’ll find at our Happiness Bar. A few words with an expert has helped many get more from WordPress.


You don’t have to be a WordPress expert to find topics of interest at WordCamp Ottawa 2016. Look over the sessions and ask yourself if knowing more about some of them wouldn’t help you use WordPress more effectively.


At WordCamp Ottawa you’ll find yourself among those whose WordPress skills range from extremely modest to extremely polished. There will be people you can help, people at your level of understanding and people who can help you. Reach out a little—offer help or ask for it—and you just may find a place in our community.


WordCamps have been known to bring together those seeking and offering WordPress help. You may find a new customer, contractor or business partner during the sessions or in the halls, at lunch or at the networking get-together.


The price stands at $40 for a full day of talks and a shorter day of panels or workshops led by experts, plus opportunities to get answers at the Happiness Bar, plus lunches on the Saturday and Sunday, plus WordCamp swag and an invitation to our networking get-together.

Join us

WordCamp Ottawa 2016 is an informal, affordable event that brings together those offering and seeking knowledge about WordPress. Whether you’d like to learn how to get more from WordPress, take part in our community, for business opportunities or for the value, we hope you’ll join us.

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