Thank You for Helping Us Stage WordCamp Ottawa 2016!

You can’t stage an event like WordCamp Ottawa 2016 without help—and your event Organizers have quite a few people to thank.

Our attendees

First of all, we must thank the many people who came out to listen, ask questions, offer opinions, make friends and explore business opportunities during the last couple of days. An event like this one needs an understanding and appreciative audience—and we certainly had one this year!

Our volunteers

We’d like to add a special thanks to our volunteers who worked tirelessly for the benefit of all. Our volunteers included:

  • Rick Alexanderson
  • Albert Chan
  • William Dear
  • Andree Dionne
  • Lisa Foley
  • Karen Fox
  • Steve Puddick
  • Alex Robinson
  • Jane Qin
  • Chris Studholme
  • Christina Wall
  • Christie Witt

Our speakers and presenters

A great group of speakers shared their knowledge and insights at WordCamp Ottawa 2016. In doing so they helped make the Ottawa WordPress community stronger and better at using WordPress web software. Our speakers included:

  • Michelle Ames
  • Richard Archambault
  • Jonathan Bardo
  • David Bird
  • Michal Bluma
  • Stéphane Boisvert
  • Mike Dickson
  • Ryan Erwin
  • Miriam Goldman
  • Meagan Hanes
  • Brian Hogg
  • Shawn Hooper
  • Hector Jarquin
  • Alison Knott
  • Shanta R. Nathwani
  • Jamie Oastler
  • Anthony D Paul
  • Shelly Peacock
  • Jonathan Perlman
  • Kathryn Presner
  • Rick Radko
  • Christopher Ross
  • Brian Rotsztein
  • Sébastien Sanche
  • Jai Sangha
  • Toufic Sbeiti
  • Jordan St Jacques
  • T-Rave
  • Jasmine Vesque
  • Ting Yang

Our sponsors

We couldn’t have held our WordCamp without sponsors. Their contributions meet about three-quarters of the cost of holding the event. That makes them quite literally essential—and on behalf of the organizers and all involved in WordPress in Ottawa I’d like to thank every one of them. Our sponsors included:

  • Hover — Platinum Sponsor
  • WooCommerce — Platinum Sponsor
  • Jetpack — Platinum Sponsor
  • Bluehost — Platinum Sponsor
  • Flywheel — Gold Sponsor
  • Pantheon — Gold Sponsor
  • GoDaddy Pro — Gold Sponsor
  • BackupBuddy — Silver Sponsor
  • Plesk — Silver Sponsor
  • WPML — Silver Sponsor
  • DreamHost — Silver Sponsor
  • The WP Crowd — Bronze Sponsor
  • Carleton University — Venue Sponsor
  • Funkdawg Films — Small Biz Sponsor
  • Live Composer — Small Biz Sponsor
  • Impeka — Small Biz Sponsor
  • TuCuatro — Small Biz Sponsor
  • Gravity Flow — Small Biz Sponsor
  • Real Estate News Exchange — Small Biz Sponsor
  • WP Blog Support — Small Biz Sponsor
  • Jeremy Clarke — Small Biz Sponsor
  • — Small Biz Sponsor
  • StickerGiant — In Kind Sponsor
  • Ottawa Print Services — In Kind Sponsor

We’d like to add special appreciation for Carleton University, for allowing us to hold WordCamp Ottawa 2016 there. It was a fine venue.

And we’d like to thank Patty Boland’s, a great place with a friendly and inviting atmosphere, for offering us an excellent venue for our Networking Get-together on Saturday night.

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